Friday, October 28, 2011

Okay so after much procrastinating about half way through the project... I finally finished my new couch quilt.

I call it "Randomosity" (basically... scrappy quilt).  Its gotta be, like, 12 feet long and made out of every fabric I have come in contact with in the last 10 years that didn't get used up in a project!  Oh wait its posted pics below and I think I already wrote that.  Okay so here it is ON the actual couch.  I love my couch (its my second one of the exact same model... different colour tho).  I have this fundamental belief... that couches... should last in excess of 20 or more years... if they are cared for correctly (I get it from my mother).  So this is my goal (plus I needed and excuse to quilt more and use up TONNES of scrap fabric... into something 'useful').

Its not gorgeous... but its funky, I think... and lets face it... its a place to park ones 'sit-upon'.

So, I blinked this afternoon... and a blanket fort went up in my livingroom.  I had no idea forts could just so spontaneously pop up from one second to the next until I had a BOY.  I shall not trade the experiences for anything :-)  HOWEVER!  I bring this point up to show how my recent quilt has found new and expanding roles in our home... it is now an integral part of this blanket fort with its sidekick Cars quilt (christmas 2010).  I think somewhere along the journey I gave up? because its midnight, almost... and theres still a fort and blankets all over my livingroom!  Oh, no wait... I remember giving up... several years ago.  Haha... my bad.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Quilty Fall

This is around 12 feet long... something like 650 squares in it... its for one half of my sectional sofa.  made of recycled materials such as clothes bedsheets and funky found fabrics in various stores across Canada.

Beatrix Potter story board quilt backed with Minky Fleece!  So soft and cuddly!  The story is a little obscure though... but its all I could find of that vintage classic author/series.  I love the colours in it too so its not too bad!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Overdue Christmas Blanket!

Behold... the Cars quilt!

My dear son has waited so patently for his Christmas present. I had to finish my daughter's first seeing as she would probably kill the poor boy if he got his first... didn't seem worth it. Her understanding of such things is really quite low.

This is how the general outline of it will go/look/work. I take photos of these quilts when I lay them out the first time in order to preserve the pattern/design for future reference because my mothers dear sweet cat thinks this is a set up just for his amusement. I honestly don't know where hes hiding and stalking me, but as soon as I look away for a moment and come back to the quilt its strewn EVERYWHERE and hes a flash of orange down the hall to the other end of the house. *sigh*

I sewed all the squares together today and affixed it to the center pannel. It is ready to be laid out and pinned to the backing and THENNNNNNNNNNN hand top stitched... which I love doin!

Almost done... ish. I shall post the finished product shawtly!

I am so going to sleep now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...and so begins a new adventure...

After days of fighting with the blogger templates, I realize that I truly am fighting a losing battle. So here it is... this is as good as it gets!
the quilt I made for my baby girl this winter!  Every single part and detail of this quilt is top stitched by hand including the animals... its a wonderfully cozy lightweight quilt backed with fleece and it just molds around ya... the way a blanky should be!

My long overdue new purse/bag