Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Overdue Christmas Blanket!

Behold... the Cars quilt!

My dear son has waited so patently for his Christmas present. I had to finish my daughter's first seeing as she would probably kill the poor boy if he got his first... didn't seem worth it. Her understanding of such things is really quite low.

This is how the general outline of it will go/look/work. I take photos of these quilts when I lay them out the first time in order to preserve the pattern/design for future reference because my mothers dear sweet cat thinks this is a set up just for his amusement. I honestly don't know where hes hiding and stalking me, but as soon as I look away for a moment and come back to the quilt its strewn EVERYWHERE and hes a flash of orange down the hall to the other end of the house. *sigh*

I sewed all the squares together today and affixed it to the center pannel. It is ready to be laid out and pinned to the backing and THENNNNNNNNNNN hand top stitched... which I love doin!

Almost done... ish. I shall post the finished product shawtly!

I am so going to sleep now!

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